Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Neo Soul

BAK2BAK RECORDS    NOW HAVE                BEATS FOR SALE !!!!!!!!

We have raw instrumentals for sale  never been heard before and never been used no strings attached we produce 75% of our own tracks we're looking forward to Bak2Bak records being the next hott item on the market!!!!

RAP INSTRUMENTALS, HIP-HOP, TECHNO, POP, R&B, we have hott new tracks every month we sell single beats and we also have package deals: single beats are $100.00        PACKAGE DEALS;15 beats for $800.00; 20 beats for $1,000.00 for larger orders we can really get you a very low price. All beats are original, made at Bak2Bakrecords recording studio. All beats are sold with full rights, meaning you do what you want to do with the beats, they are yours. Any money, monies, royalties etc. are yours with no limitation penalties!!!!!! we make custom beats too!! tracks produced by F.Montana1, Kry Rose, Cobie G. and Young D

BEATS!!!! We Offer A Wide Variety Of  Pre-Made  Tracks , As Well As Custom Made Tracks, Checkout Our Beats Page

to preview beats check out our soundclick page and leave us a message or call us @ (318) 417-6571  for more info 


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